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Sunday – 9th June 2019 

Currently Museum of Art Houston brings together more than 50 masterworks by one of the most iconic artists in the history of Western art. Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art follows Van Gogh (1853–1890) through four key stages of his career, from early sketches to final paintings. This is aspecial exhibition till June 27th.
HMM is planning to have group guided tour to this exhibition as discounted rate. This will be unique opportunity to Fine artists and art lovers to meet other artists and explore the work together. The museum also has showings of films based on Van Gogh’s art and life, in museum auditorium (The Eternity’s Gate)
You could know more about the exhibition, regular fees and film at Museum site vincent-van-gogh-his-life-in-art
For questions or sign up, please email to Jyotsna Phadke at President_HMM@hmmhouston.org by 30th May 2019 so we could avail the group booking.

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जानता राजा महानाट्याच्या पडद्या मागचा अनुभव

IIजय भवानी II   सर्व मावळे आणि मावळीणींना सप्रेम दंडवत. गेली चारशे वर्षे ज्यांचे शौर्य आणि  राजकारणातील कौशल्य साऱ्या जगात वाखाणले जाते असे राजे शिवाजी महाराज, त्यांच्या शिरावर सतत आशीर्वादरूप असणारी भवानीमाता आणि जिजामाता,या तेजस्वी इतिहासाकडून स्फूर्ती घेऊन शिवभक्त...

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Janata Raja in Houston!

Houston Maharashtra Mandal presents Janata Raja. The biggest and most renowned stage show that मराठी रंगभूमी (Marathi theatre) has ever produced! The play was authored and originally directed by पद्मविभूषण shivshahir बाबासाहेब पुरंदरे (Babasaheb Purandare). HMM is...

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