• 12-Nov-2016
    • 11-Dec-2016
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       Here are pictures from the event.

        Vasant Limaye is not an unfamiliar name to Marathi readers. Many readers know him for his best seller novels Loch Griffin and Campfire. He has published a new novel Vishwasta and will be touring US to do a book reading and question-answer session. He is also an intelligent, free spirited and interesting personality. It will be a great experience to hear him present the crafty tale of trusteeship hidden by a secret code intertwining mythical and mystical facets shadowed by greed and selflessness, published as “Vishwasta”.

       विश्वस्त is a fascinating novel that spans almost 3600 years of history related to the hidden wealth from Dwaraka, a city of Gold. The author has combined some known, proven facts with some myths and connected those to the modern era in a meaningful manner. The story revolves around a group of young history buffs attempting to decipher a code sequence using modern tools and techniques. The discovery takes them to the Bay of Cambay where the Golden City Dwaraka was sunk. The youth group inadvertently crosses path with an oil company blinded by its ambitions to grow. Part of this novel happens in Houston. The author spent a couple of weeks researching facets of oil industry in Houston and his perspectives reflect in some of the chapters.

       Please note that this is a free event for HMM members. However $10 donation is recommended. See interview here.

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