Massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal with devastating force less than 50 miles from the capital, Kathmandu causing tremors in northern India as well. More than 4,600 casualties, over 9,000 injured, and overall eight million people are affected across Nepal. HMM Committee has Joined Nepalese Association of Houston (NAH) in their fund raising efforts. We urge each and every one of you to stand together as a HMM community and consider offering your help and support.

    HMM Donations

    Houston Maharashtra Mandal (HMM) is a non-profit organization. HMM strives to organize various cultural events throughout the year to bring the Maharashtrian community together to have fun. The different kind of events varies from celebrating different festivals, bringing in new movies or marathi nataks etc. It is our constant effort to bring in more variety of events. Any donations to the HMM will definitely help the organization. Donations to HMM are Tax Deductable. You may donate to HMM using the following link. Thank you for your support.

    HMM Donations

    HMM Vastu Project Pledges

    Houston Maharashtra Mandal (HMM) is a non-profit organization. HMM is currently requesting pledges for Vastu Project. If you wish to make a pledge towards the Vastu project, please fill out the pledge form below. Additional information may be found under tab "HMM Initiatives" and "Vastu Project". Thank you for your support.