2014 Past Events

    Event Date & Time Venue Details
    Makar Sankrant 25-Jan-2014 Cross Point Church “Haldi-Kunku” for ladies and distribution of tilgool at the registration desk and Kaalnirnay 2014 calendar. Sneha Magazine and vaan was given to all families. Maharashtrian/Indian Food Festival.
    Marathi Movie 16-Feb-2014 3:00 PM Dunvale AMC "Mangalashtak Once More" Marathi movie was shown at AMC Dunvale.
    Holi 16-Mar-2014 Bear Creek Park, Pavilion 6, 3535 War Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77084 Holi event was celebrated with dry colors. Songs, dance, and lunch. Everyone had a great time dancing and playing games.
    Picnic 12-Apr-2014 Stephen Austin Park This event was cancelled because of bad weather.
    Musical Event - Kaushal Katta 11-May-2014 Berry Center, 8877 Barker Cypress Rd, Cypress, TX 77433 HMM hosted Kaushal Inamdar's Kaushal Katta event.
    Women's Cricket Tournament 18-May-2014 George Bush Park, Katy, TX 77433 HMM Women's Cricket Team played the final match against NextGen Women's Cricket Team. HMM team won the match.
    HMM Vruksha Ropan - Tree Plantation 31-May-2014 Sky Eagle Park, Houston, TX HMM helped the local Houston community plant 20 large trees.
    Senior Citizen Trip 21-Jun-2014 Louisiana HMM organized a fun senior citizen one day trip to Loisisana.
    Ras Barase Concert 20-Jul-2014 Durga Bari HMM hosted the Ras Barase Concert. Ras Barase Concert presented various types of Marathi songs.
    Mangalagaur 15-Aug-2014 Merrell Center This women's only event was organized in Katy. Women enjoyed watching dances and playing games.
    Ganpati 06-Sep-2014 VPSS Hall - Vallabh Priti Seva Samaj Hall 11715 Bellfort Village Dr., Houston, TX 77031-2629 Houston Maharashtra Mandal welcomed our very beloved Ganpati Bappa through a traditional event which included lezim, dhol-tasha, gondhal, artis and modaks. This was a sold out event which was attended by 750+ attendees.
    Diwali 18-Oct-2014 Katy HMM Celebrated Diwali with great songs and Sugam Sangeet by Team Mangaldeep. All songs were undoubtedly well sung by Padmaja Phenany Joglekar. Rising stars Aditya and Nitish also gave splendid performance. The attendees were very happy to hear the sweet tabla and guitar. Mandar was just phenomenal on harmonium ready to play almost any tune. Mandar also sang one song very well. People enjoyed nice Marathi and Hindi songs and then enjoyed delicious food from Maharaja Bhog restaurant.
    HMM Second Movie Event 16-Nov-2014 AMC Dunvale The second HMM Movie Event of 2014 was a very successful. The event was sold out in 10 days and everyone in the Theater appreciated this great movie. Special thanks to BMM committee for granting Houston Maharashtra Mandal the first opportunity to screen this movie in America. what an awesome movie! Hats off to everyone who was involved in making this film. Very inspiring. Congratulations to the entire team for bringing the reality in front of everyone so beautifully through their acting, sound effects, direction, background songs, props, and everything else that went into this movie.
    HMM Third Movie Event 07-Dec-2014 AMC Dunvale Wow!!! HMM 2014 last event....Dr. Prakash Baba Amte - The Real Hero second movie event was very successful. AMC gave us a bigger screen and theater for our convenience. Thanks to all members and non-members for attending this event.