HMM Membership

Buy or Renew HMM Membership ( Membership is for the Calendar Year )

New Membership

If you were not a HMM member in 2017, 2018, or in 2019 then buy new membership.

Renew Membership

If you were a HMM member in 2017, 2018 or in 2019 then renew your membership.

***2019 HMM membership offers you exclusive benefits for almost all of our programs. Membership is required for all office-bearers of the Mandal. Annual membership is valid for one calendar year, from January through December. Currently, we have started collecting membership fees for new year.

HMM Memberships

Any person paying one-time dues for life.

Membership Fees: $750

Any single person or married couple above the age of 65.

Membership Fee: $45/yr


Married couple or head of household. Membership includes members unmarried children under the age of 18 and up to two dependent parents of the couple.

Membership Fee: $50/yr

Any single person above the age of 18. Membership includes up to two dependent parents of the member.

Membership Fee: $40/yr


Any person above the age of 18 who is not working full time. Valid student ID required. No dependents allowed.

Membership Fee: $15/yr (Fee refunded on attending first HMM event)


Person recommended by a majority vote of Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees.?? Membership conferred on eminent and outstanding individuals who, by their actions have promoted objectives and goals of HMM.

Membership Fee: FREE


Benefits of HMM Membership

Flourish Marathi Culture

Flourish Marathi culture in Houston so our younger generation can learn and appreciate the culture. In 2019 the family membership fee remains same as last year i.e. $50/yr

Make New Friends

HMM is a great place to meet new people with the same cultural background and further those relationships. There are estimated 1000 Marathi families in Houston area and many of them are members of HMM.

Participate In Cultural Programs

Participate in cultural programs: You and your children get to participate in different events to show your talents or learn new skills. Children can also attend Marathi shala run by HMM.

Free or Discounted Prices to Events

Purchasing annual membership makes great financial sense. Tickets for all the year round events are cheaper for annual members. Price difference between non-member and member???s tickets can be around $5-10. Based on historical data of minimum $5, a family of 4 will break even with just over 2 events! Last year Marathi Mandal offered 16 events in 12 months so there is plenty of opportunity to save money.

Enjoy Quality Programs

Your annual membership will enable you to attend quality programs brought right to your city including Musical concerts, Dramas, Movies and much more. We get to celebrate major events such as Ganpati, Diwali and Holi together as community.

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