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HMM Marathi Shala is in its sixth year!!  Houston Maharashtra Mandal (HMM) in collaboration with BMM opened a Marathi Shala in the Houston Area on 13 October 2013 with 36 students. The Marathi Shala is operated from four centers across the Houston area, namely, Cypress, Katy, and Sugarland. The fourth center in the Energy Corridor was opened in 2017. HMM Marathi Shala is founded with the purpose of protecting and preserving the Marathi language.  The aim is to empower children with the ability to communicate (read, write and speak) in Marathi and also familiarize  them with the rich culture of the state of Maharashtra. We are a non-profit school, run solely by volunteers. The school is one of three divisions of Houston Maharashtra Mandal.

Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM) of North America initiated the “Marathi Shala” (Marathi School) project with a passion and commitment to teach Marathi language and culture to the next generation. Since 1970, many Marathi Mandals were formed in various locations in North America. Many Mandals run Marathi schools based on the BMM Marathi Shala Curriculum, and the HMM Marathi Shala is one of them.

As of May 2018, our enrollment has grown to 86 students, ranging from ages 5 to 15 years. There are 20 volunteer teachers who are dedicated to achieving the purpose of the Marathi Shala. BMM conducts grade level exams each year in May. Many students from HMM shala have taken the exam so far. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate  in performances held at the end of every school year and at HMM events giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent and newly acquired language skills. Our students also participate in the projects run by BMM Shala. The school operates in accordance with the local school district calendar.

We welcome parents to enroll their children in our Marathi Shala, and also encourage the wider community to volunteer in our school to help familiarize the next generation with our heritage.

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