Shri Vishwakarma Puja

All over the world, engineers, craftsmen and designers perform Vishwakarma Pooja, which includes a worship and Havan offered to Lord (Bhagawan) Vishwakarma. Bhagawan Vishwakarma is the builder of all palaces, weapons and automobiles utilized by the Gods. He’s the craftsman of the Gods and inspiration for all architects, engineers and craftsmen in the world.

On Sunday March 25th, Mrs. Achala Bapat performed this Pooja at HMM Vastu with Sharmila and Vikas Moharir representing all HMM members. Pooja was attended by devotees from the community and volunteers.

Bhagawan Vishwakarma, who is self-manifested or Swayambhu, is considered as the creator of the world. He constructed the holy city of Dwarka where Lord Krishna ruled, the Maya Sabha of the Pandavas, Indrapuri, and Lanka. He was also the creator of many fabulous weapons for the Gods mainly Trishul and Sudarshan-Chakra. He is also called the divine carpenter and finds a mention in the Rigveda, and is credited with Sthapatya Veda, the science of mechanics and architecture. At the end of the Pooja, we all felt the blessings of the Bhagawan and all motivated to build the Vastu that we the community has been dreaming about for many years!! Here are some pictures from the Vishwakarma Pooja.

Shri Vishwakarma Puja Pictures

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