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Vastu Division

Vastu is the cherished goal of building a community center/temple for the Maharashtrian community in greater Houston. In 2016, HMM purchased an 11-acre property in Rosenberg. It is a journey from Sankalp (resolution) Hanuman prayer station to Siddhi (success) Vinayak temple and a sabhagruha (auditorium). Siddhivinayak is a manifestation of Lord Ganesh (known to Maharashtrians as Ganapatibappa). The Mandir will also have idols of deities, such as Vithoba Rakhumai and Ambabai, who are dear to Maharashtrians.

Goal of Vastu Division is to build and maintain a permanent complex for achieving the following objectives: 

  1.  Develop a dedicated and consecrated place of worship for Hindus in the Maharashtrian-Indian tradition & facilitate holding of cultural and social festivals while promoting interfaith understanding and cooperation.
  2. Provide a venue to HMM members to hold private religious, social and cultural functions in the Hindu traditional way within the rules and regulations of HMM.
  3. Provide a venue to educate community about Maharashtrian/Indian culture and undertake various educational activities and promote events in the fields of literature, art, health, religion, and other liberal humanities.
  4. Provide a venue for research activities. These activities may include technical, scientific, linguistic, cultural, and social research, and investigations in various fields of arts, sciences, business, and international studies for betterment of mankind.


Our Journey

In 2013 we set out with the goal of building our own Vastu – a facility that would include Siddhivinayak temple and a place for our functions and other civic gatherings. In past five years we organized two fundraising events – Durga Zali Gauri and Sur Olakhiche. Seed funding from HMM donors and funds raised from these events helped pay for the land in Rosenberg and provided the seed funding for future activities. 

Donation Payment Information

In order to send your contribution to the Vastu Project, you can donate by electronic transfer or a cheque:

Electronic Transfer:

  1. Login to your bank’s online account, or smartphone app.
  2. Go to ‘Zelle’ funds transfer page.
  3. Send funds to
  4. In the ‘notes’ or ‘comments’ section on the funds transfer page, please enter ‘Your Name – Vastu Contribution’

Pay by Cheque:

  1. Please make the cheque payable to ‘Houston Maharashtra Mandal’. In the ‘Memo’ field of the check, please write ‘Vastu Contribution’.
  2. On a separate paper, mention your contact information (Name and Email ID or Mailing Address). This will be used to send you the receipt.
  3. Please mail the cheque and contact information to: Vastu Treasurer, PO Box No. 421486, Houston, TX 77242.

Vastu Events

9 mar 2019

Janata Raja

Biggest Marathi Stage Show for Vastu Fundraising Coming to Houston This Spring!

1 Jan 2019

Sankalp Maruti Mandir

We are building a small Hanuman Mandir on the Vastu, which will be the place to worship Marutiraya!

25 mar 2018

Shri Vishwakarma Puja

Mrs. Achala Bapat performed this Pooja at HMM Vastu with Sharmila and Vikas Moharir representing all HMM members.

17 mar 2018

Shramdan at Vastu

This Shramdaan was conducted in preparation of the Shree Vishwakarma Pooja.


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